The pickleball scene has been growing rapidly in recent years, and the Major League Pickleball tournament is a prime example of the sport's popularity. Brian and Ashley from Dilly Life, a new pickleball apparel company, recently attended the MLP tournament in Daytona to showcase their brand to the pickleball community. 

The response to Dilly Life was overwhelmingly positive. The innovative perspective of their apparel line caught the attention of many attendees, and people were impressed with the quality of the products. 

Sitting court-side at the matches was a thrilling experience for Brian and Ashley. The energy of the players and crowd was infectious.  The players were incredibly talented, and the matches were intense and exciting to watch. They were especially excited to meet famous players Ben Johns, Anna Leigh Waters, and Tyson McGuffin, as well as Gary Vee, owner of The 5's.

Overall, the experience at the Major League Pickleball tournament was a huge success for Dilly Life. They were able to showcase their merchandise to a wider audience, receive valuable feedback, and make connections within the pickleball community, including meeting some of the sport's biggest names. With the newfound inspiration and insight, Dilly Life will be an innovative leader in the pickleball world.

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